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to give someone a dirty or bitchy look (dog someone up)
dog up.... "that girl jus dogged me up!"
by sexi_me November 25, 2005
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give someone a dirty or bitchy look (dog someone up)
dog up.... "that girl jus dogged me up!"
by m_e_ November 25, 2005
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To ignore your significant other when she tries to prevent you from hanging out and drinking with your friends
Joe said he had to shut the dog up when his fiancée tried to tell him to stop hanging with his neighbors drinking in the garage
by JACK CHAIN September 21, 2018
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To beat the shit out of someone in a ruthless and brutal way.
Yo I heard that Kyle got dogged up in an alley last night!
by AyeSeeEee March 22, 2014
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have an alcoholic beverage.

an australian expression derived from "hair of the dog that bit you," "get a dog up ya" is a jovial instruction to take your acoholic beverage and drink it, similar to cheers.
"I am experiencing a hang over from last night's frivolties."
"Thats a shame. Why don't you get a dog up ya? Its bound to set you straight."
"Lets both get some dogs up us."
by Mrs Harrigan August 15, 2007
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Bloke: fancy a drink treacle?
Bird: no way you slime!
Bloke: Ah! get a dog up ya!
by The Reds Brothers October 2, 2008
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Is usually something that is yelled out of a car at people walking. It is used to express ones desire to see another 'wop a dog up themselves'. It may occasionally be yelled after or during a good, hot chozz wozzlin. (see "a2-wozzle").

Some may intend it as an insult, but the original meaning was derived from early Australian convicts as a victory call.
As the mans baby was born safe and sound, the man whispered to his wife "wop a dog up ya, he's a healthy baby boy". - (congratulatory use)

The man stood to say some words at his fathers funeral, "Dad woulda wopped a dog up all ya". - (respectful use)

The car slowed down near the girls walking home from the club, the young man threw a chocolate thick shake at them from the car and shouted "WOP A FUCKING DOG UP YAS" - (insulting use)
by Spydabytes September 9, 2010
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