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A Brony that hasnt yet admitted to their family that they watch the show.
Closet Brony:I lock my door and watch MLP:FIM
by SploogeTheFish September 19, 2011
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ROBLOX is a Kind of good game. But it lacks Intellect in its community,Generally the Players. The players are one of the most Infamous people in the game. They "CyberSex",Online Date,Use horrible Grammar,and try to talk "1337". The Game is ran by 2 Admins that dont really do anything. That is Telamon and builderman. They just make the game worse,Down to Bodys,RipOff hats and gear from Various games like Team Fortress 2. And it seems just like TF2's community,its all about hats. And it might just sound like building..But its not. There are groups in this game(More likely Armys) Like R.A.T,F.E.A.R,U.C.R. And the big dude of F.E.A.R is XXSONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX. This guy is The users nightmare and dream to be him,This guy uses a system made back in 2008,and that is free models. Free models are items or scripts made by various players that they release for the public. And the game is full of style freaks. EVERYBODY on that game tries to look there best. they just have to. There are barely any people that can wear just casual roblox colors.
Robloxian 1:Hey! Roblox released a new hairstyle!

Robloxian 2:Sweet! we are gonna catch so many girls with it!

Robloxian 3:You guys are such Sexhounds.
by SploogeTheFish June 17, 2011
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A phrase originating from /k/ that describes people devoid of firearms and rf firearms knowledge, typically describing gun grabbers and similar democratic archetypes.
1: Oh look, it’s another nogunz guy that wants to abolish the Second Amemdment.

2: I was at a gun shop yesterday and some nogunz came up and told me how wrong I was for buying a gun.
by SploogeTheFish April 10, 2018
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1. to eat
2. alternative word for “bite
1. i went to wawa and yomped on a big ass Italian hoagie, oh yeah.
2. rosco you fat disgusting fuck! you really went a took a big ass yomp right out my fucking food I dropped huh?
by SploogeTheFish June 10, 2019
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