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Pronunciation: Ex-ho-lee-a-shun.


1. The removal of all evidence and/or remnants of hoes.

2. The cleansing of body and domestic environment of hoe residue. Exholiation can range from removal of hair strands on clothes to disposal of condom wrappers lying on floor, to emergency treatment of scratch marks.
Frank: "What?!? Then you went back to your girl's house without even showering? You're CRAZY man!!!"

Sam: "Don't worry man. I exholiated!! Took a damp washcloth and washed that breezy's awful perfume off me..Got in the car, threw her number out the window, and I was cool!"

Frank: "Exholiation, huh..."

Sam: "Learn about it."
by Splasshhh April 28, 2008
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Noun/verb originating from the greek root "Overlapus" and the College Park, Georgia slang "hoe".

1. To hook up with more than one girl in a 24 hour period.
2. To realize you and your boy(s) have hooked up with the same girl.
Frank: "Yeah man. I met this FINE girl at Cosmo last week. Took her out on a nice date. We got back to my place, one thing led to another and ... well, you know I mean. I don't know. I kinda like the chick.”

Sam: “Nice man. What was she like? I might’ve seen her around. I’m at Cosmo all the time”

Frank: “She's about 5-5, dark hair. Real pretty face”

Sam: “5-5 dark hair. Hmph. I met a chick like that at Lava last year. Think her name was Julie”

Frank: “What!? Julie who??”

Sam: “Julie Jenkins”

Frank: “Julie Jenkins from - Nah it couldn’t be”

Sam: “Yeah, lives down in Midtown??”

Frank: “Awwww, man. We hoverlapped”

by Splasshhh April 28, 2008
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Pronunciation: port-ho-lee-o

An index* representing all secured and/or pursued hoes.

**Index is to remain unwritten as to not create unnecessary clutter in the event of need for emergency exholiation See Urban Dictionary Exholation Definition.
Frank: This economy is a bitch, man. Can you believe I just got laid off last week?

Sam: Shoot. You're tellin me. I can't catch a break myself.
Frank: Luckily, my portholio is still looking strong and remains untouched. Lot of big hitters.

Sam: Still diversifying? You had a lot of your action going with the white girls for a minute there.

Frank: Always diversifying. Last weekend got a little weird. Before I knew it, two knew additions. Even got an Indian now.

Sam: Outsourcing IS getting bigger and bigger, you know. I hear that's the new jackpot for a high return on investment.

Frank: You said it.

Sam: You sly devil, you.

by Splasshhh April 28, 2008
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