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chanchi is what you get when you mix chonga and raunchy. its an adjective..it is used to describe mostly latin young adults that like to shop in stores such as Rave and 579 or wear SouthPole and Fubu. They are known to say 'meng' and mean it.
That party sucked. There was a bunch of chanchi girls doing the crybaby like it was still 94'.

Those rhinestone playboy shorts are chanchi as hell, remove them immediately.
by SpiderGirl July 06, 2005
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An exlamation of disgust or alarm
"Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! That capsized truck was carrying a freezer full of livers to the hospital, what a mess!"
by SpiderGirl April 30, 2003
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Drinking a cold beverage so fast that your heart feels like it's freezing.
Nick finally experienced a heart freeze.

Alyssa laughed.
by SpiderGirl May 09, 2012
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