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A game where a revolver with one bullet is placed and spun. Then you take turns putting the gun to your head and pull the trigger. If it's empty, you pass it on until someone dies or becomes extremely injured.
Peter: Russian Roulette, three bullets to the head, last man standing gets the trophy. Me first! No wait... this is crazy. You first...
by Species October 22, 2004

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"moo" meaning screwing"
"ish" meaning stuff

your mom is very Mooish.
by Species June 30, 2004

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man....in his best light...club carrying lifeform known as man also...smells rank and AKA lifeform....needs the snip a bath and a new shed..........all men are neanderthols!!!!!!
omfg its that neanderthol life......
by species October 10, 2004

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