3 definitions by Sparqz

a Character born out of my imagination, to be straight with you hes a total dick and works for CBC (as you can tell he fits in there) and he constantly is hurting his camera man bill.
jim hansen whipped bills ass and gouged out his left eye holy fuck!
by Sparqz May 27, 2009
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Toast a word developed by us the people so as to confuse people talking about candy when your really talking about toast. made to confuse.
dude man i love candy
hellz ya i love candy too
wait what do you mean candy candy or toast candy
by Sparqz May 27, 2009
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when something comes to fruition. a search becomes fruit
ahh yes my plan has come to fruition
the searh was not fruitless ,jimmy was found decapitated, it was fruitious
by Sparqz May 28, 2009
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