4 definitions by Spaget09OnYT

An animator on YouTube with ≈100 subscribers that has a terrible upload schedule.
"Hey when will Chesire post again?"
"No damn clue."
by Spaget09OnYT October 1, 2022
A semi-popular streamer on youtube with over 100 subscribers!
"Oh dude, that sex was awesome!"
"I know right? Wanna watch DoomTurtell?"
"Hell yeah!"
by Spaget09OnYT October 1, 2022
A Streamer on YouTube with over 100 subscribers.
"Hey DoomTurtell is streaming!"
"Nice, wanna have gay sex?"
by Spaget09OnYT October 7, 2022
A content creator on YouTube and Twitch with currently less than 100 subscribers.
"Have you watched Spaget09's new video yet?"
"Who the hell is that?"
by Spaget09OnYT March 24, 2022