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Originally a term used in the card game blackjack, where a player doubles their original bet in exchange for exactly one additional card; most useful when the remaining deck is offering extremely favorable odds of making a total of twenty-one.

The term is increasingly used as a media euphemism when political figures tell bald-faced lies and when confronted with contradictory statements, the politician not only fails to retract their claims but instead expresses an increased certainty in their truth.
The political candidate claimed that 99% of the violent crimes committed in the United States were perpetrated by Canadians. When challenged with data indicating that in fact less that 0.1 percent of crimes are committed by Canadians, the candidate opted to double down, claiming that the data was incorrect. Further, the candidate pledged to, if elected, expel all US citizens with Canadian ancestry from the country.
by Sonicoed June 11, 2017

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As of the 2017 season, major league baseball's all-time home run leader. It was sometimes prophesised that a little-known outfielder playing for the San Francisco Giants would someday challenge his record, but there is no indication that this will ever come to pass.
Hank Aaron just passed Babe Ruth by hitting his 715th home run off of Dodgers pitcher Al Downing.
by Sonicoed May 09, 2017

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All that a skilled player needs to win a poker game.
I put John all-in with my pocket aces. He called with three-nine offsuit and drew out on me, costing me nearly my entire stack. But I've still got a chip and a chair, and so I can still win, just like Jack Straus at the 1982 World Series of Poker.
by Sonicoed June 09, 2017

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A much-cherished item which is destroyed but is promptly replaced by a virtually identical copy of the destroyed item.

Refers to the well-known starship from the Star Trek franchise. In the original continuity, James Kirk self-destructed the USS Enterprise in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, but in Star Trek IV, Kirk was given command of the Enterprise-A, which, like its predecessor was a refitted Constitution-class starship. A similar scenario plays out in Star Trek Beyond.
Some moron totaled my new car while it was parked on the street. Fortunately, I was able to find a replacement that was the same color and had exactly the same options. It's just like what happened with Jim Kirk and the Enterprise-A.
by Sonicoed May 09, 2017

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The only man who could beat god in a game of one-on-one.
Michael Jordan just hit a 20 foot fadeaway jumpshot with three defenders in his face for his 55th point.
by Sonicoed May 09, 2017

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