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Portal of Evil is a website in which certain other websites are displayed, for the purpose of discussion and mockery. The websites that qualify for display on Portal of Evil are generally either disgustingly perverted, completely insane, or an amalgom of the two. A satellite forum is provided on the Portal of Evil main page in which discussion of the website takes place. Some of the popularity of PoE comes from the fact that, in consensus, the websites it displays are, well, "evil". Another issue that appeals to the general public is the (usual) lightheartedness with which the websites are mocked. While it is believed by a few that the effects of the Portal linking to a website are detrimental to that website's health, in fact that website should thank the Portal for increasing traffic. One of the most highly-regarded rules of PoE membership is the "Prime Directive", which states that no member of PoE may contact a displayed site's owner unless said contact takes place on PoE's own turf. That said, any activity other than pure traffic that occurs within a displayed site is merely a by-product of being linked on PoE, and not a direct responsibility of PoE or any of its members. Also, the belief that the powers that be at the Portal of Evil are trying to shut down the websites it displays is an obvious falsehood, considering that shutting down websites on which it is trying to stimulate discussion would prove fruitless. All-in-all, PoE is a very entertaining website which can be enjoyed by anyone with a sense of humor.
The furries and otherkin have been trying to give the Portal of Evil a bad name for a long time, but it's all a bunch of hot air.
by SomethingAwesome January 12, 2005

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To act or speak without consequence. Childish, rude, completely ignorant.
Jaden was being completely BRAE today so I smacked him in his bitch mouth.
by somethingawesome December 19, 2013

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Bowling-related term for somebody who strictly uses Hammer bowling balls.
Wow, he has four bowling balls on the rack, and they're all Hammers. That guy's a Hammerhead.
by SomethingAwesome July 11, 2005

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