4 definitions by SomeRandomName34

¨i got some dole pineapple juice, what do you have¨
¨i got pussyjuice¨
by SomeRandomName34 February 18, 2020
When you beat your duck so UNBELIEVABLY hard it turns purple and hurts to touch.
“Woah, it’s SO big, but why is it purple?”
“Ah, it has Erectile Pumage, it’s in unbelievable amounts of pain right now”
by SomeRandomName34 July 12, 2019
Someone who really loves beating a woman’s pussy (occasionally for the woman’s pleasure, and occasionally for abuse)
Yo man, my wife’s pussy exploded with cum last night”
“Man you’re such a pussybeater
by SomeRandomName34 July 12, 2019
A prick who steals you're bitch and then shoots her under a bridge
Hey Liam, where were you last night
by SomeRandomName34 July 12, 2019