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A Time Vampire (person who sucks up all your time) who calls you at home from their mobile phone while driving. The Drive Time Vampire caller has nothing important to say, and just wants something to do while driving, but they end up keeping you on the phone forever, so you can’t get anything done at home.
I was trying to get some work done at home when a Drive Time Vampire kept me on the phone for his entire two hour commute to work.
by SnotBubbleBoy January 31, 2011
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Doing really dumb things when you're old enough to know better, but not senile enough to have an excuse.
“Grandpa parked the car halfway on the lawn again. Is he getting old?”

“No, he's only 60. He just doesn't care if he's lame. He's being oldtarded.”
by SnotBubbleBoy June 28, 2011
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When two people propose to meet each other socially, but never actually follow through with the meeting, thereby appearing to fulfill a social obligation, without any risk of actual socializing.
My friend sincerely invited me out for lunch, and I sincerely said yes, but we never bothered to call each other back to confirm any time or dates. I knew then it was a total meet-free meetup. Still, I appreciated the gesture. Sort of.
by SnotBubbleBoy April 23, 2011
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