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The absurd concept of defining something that must be, when it might not.

Self contradicting term used by fucking idiots.

Malformed phrase created from the terms optional and requirement
Let's put the Video stuff in an appendix since they're an Optional Requirement set.
by SmokerSmurf April 09, 2010

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A piss poor attempt at a pick up line that actually insults the target well beyond any woman's ability to not kick you square in the balls.

A 'back-handed' compliment.
'Man what happened to him.?'
'Dude, he went to talk to that girl and seriously jethro'd on her!'
'So, why's he on the floor?'
'She punted....'

well, like you, you're a big girl...
No, like you know, a large body structure...
No, like, your really there up top...
by SmokerSmurf April 20, 2010

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