4 definitions by Slade

The game that will never get released.

(don't get me wrong, i love the game)
look at how many delayes it has on it already. I'll buy it when it's out in 30 years
by Slade March 27, 2004
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When someone outbreaks in anger and starts throwing their own poop everywhere.
Yea, my friend went into monkey mode yesterday. were still cleaning teh poop off the walls
by Slade March 27, 2004
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Intended to signify extreme distaste in something. Usually preceded by 'oh god', 'what the', and 'passion of the'
"Ginomee: Hey guys why did the chicken cross the road? ;) :lol:
Piss: oh god nothx"
by Slade January 20, 2005
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Stand for Rotary project 7. The engine uses no pistons. It has less parts than a piston engine, which means less friction. Rotarys are unique to the piston, and are a whole nother ball game to fix. It came in in 2 popular engine names the 13B which was on the FC 1986-1991 (or in japan 1992) the 13B-RE which is in the FD 1993. The FD was asequential turbo setup, the FC was a single turbo(in the states they were NA or Turbo)(1992 Japan was produced with special FC's the Infini models) both cars offer near 50/50 weight distribution. they are light and potently fast. Those Mustang guys think 1.3 liters is nothing huh? Well, you be suprised how the FC's and FD's can certianly become a challenge for the 5.0 crap. (BTW, all the FC's in Japan were turbo even the convertibles.) The Us did not get as lucky.

The replacement for displacement.
by Slade January 24, 2004
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