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either the car by Peugeot or the Infinite Ikea (SCP-3008).
guy 1: ok I just got my Peugeot 3008 time to go to Ikea

SCP scientist: WAIT SIR NO

guy 1: oh
by Skyline_GT-R_R34 October 19, 2022
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Anti Furries are people who hate the furry Fandom for various reasons including pedophillia, zoophilia, being annoying/cringe in general and luring children into the fandom, they can seem annoying at first but lot of them are pretty chill when you get to know them
Furry: I hate anti furries we didn't do anything wrong

Anti Furry: sit down this is gonna take a while
by Skyline_GT-R_R34 March 13, 2023
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referring to SCP-420-J (a safe class joke object) which resembles a Cannabis blunt
Epsilon-11 personnel 1: man I wish we still had some of that 420-J it was so awesome.
Epsilon-11 personnel 2: I still keep a plant somewhere man
Epsilon-11 personnel 1: hey man, what if we gave some of that 420-J to that freaky statue thing
Epsilon-11 personnel 2: huh why, he's already stoned
by Skyline_GT-R_R34 October 25, 2022
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probably the most versatile Mobile Task Force class in SCP: Roleplay, you have a powerful rifle, the ability to recontain faster and a cool looking orange vest. they are designated "Nine Tailed Fox"
D-boi: I just breached SCP-096 time to get away

Epsilon-11 operator: hello there
D-Boi: shit
by Skyline_GT-R_R34 October 19, 2022
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"tuna casserole is a disgusting abomination and deserves to be locked up in here with the rest of these freaks" -random SCP guard
guy 1: "I love a good tuna casserole"
guy 2: as said by a random SCP Foundation guard
by Skyline_GT-R_R34 October 22, 2022
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