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A branch of the Anabaptist movement, commonly associated with voluntary abstention from electricity and other modern conveniences, use of plain clothes and head coverings, and an emphasis on farming. Their language, Pennsylvania Dutch, is used at home and in church. Pennsylvania Dutch is a derivative of German. Some Amish children attend Amish-only schools, while others attend public schools. They tend to be highly community and family oriented. The majority of the Amish live in western Pennsylvania, middle Ohio, and middle Indiana.
Mattie Yoder makes fruit jam every summer, bakes bread weekly, and sews her own dresses in accordance with her Amish background.

Eli Lapp used the public neighborhood phone to call the bishop, since Old Order Amish rules prohibit telephones inside homes.

The tourists giggled with glee, trying to snap photographs of the fleeing seven-year-old Amish girl in her plain dress and head covering. They didn't understand that Amish tradition regards photography as sinful.
by Skylark January 25, 2004

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Someone who, for religious, ethical, practical, or other reasons, believes that violence and/or war are not acceptable solutions to problems.
Jill asked her church to keep on file her statement of Conscientous Objection. She didn't want there to be any question of her pacifist beliefs in case of a draft.
by Skylark January 26, 2004

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A male who feels compelled to pursue and/or ogle all females.
Sarah couldn't seem to escape Kenny's gaze, and she thought of him as a skirt chaser.
by Skylark January 26, 2004

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