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Usually, the prostitosticles are the underveloped mammary glands of the famed prostitot species.
However. it is also quite common to find the prostitosticles of a prostitot prematurely overdeveloped due to a freakish side effect of growth hormones in modern food.
1. Man 1: Holy crap, check out the tits on that chick!
Man 2: Dude, she's like 10....

Man 1: How do you know?
Man 2: She's coming out of an Elementary School....
Man 1: But she's wearing a mini skirt a low cut tank top.
Man 2: yeah, well they sell those in Libby Loo.
Man 1: aww dude, i think i just vomited in my mouth a little bit.
Man 2: Fucking Bratz dolls...
2.The prostitot was bearing her prostitosticles to the other children on the playground. these of course, looked nothing like her mothers breasticles, and were very similar to a a skinny mans' neck fat being pushed together.
by skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
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A member of or belonging to the very notorious group of children and adoloscents that promisciuosly prostitute themselves or showcase their bodies for the viewing pleasures and displeasures of those surrounding them. Often times they indicate themselves by a prodigious amount of make up and a bare minimum amount of clothes, which is their beacon to pedofiles and young sexual bloomers alike.
Often these tribal figures are armed with baby poon and prostitosticles.
Man 1: hey man, look at that prostitot... she must be seven by the looks of the cleavage she is trying to show.
mAN 2 : crap, i think i just vomited a little in my mouth. her skirt is show casing a thong that i didn't know they made in her size.
man 1 : It's probably a midgets thong....
Man 2 : No, actually, i've seen those at the local Libby Loo.
Man 1 : Fucking Bratz dolls....
by Skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
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The vagina of a prostitot.
Man 1: Dude, my seven year old just came home with some prostitot.
Man 2: Shit dude, I think he's trying to get some baby poon.
Man 1: Awww god man, I think I just vomited a little bit in my mouth.
Man 2: You know this is the third defintion example you've vomited in?
Man 1: Well, they;re all to do with prostitots, and i find prostitots repulsive.
Skidmarkpanda: Yeah.... fucking Libby Loo.
Man 2: yeah, fucking Bratz dolls.
by skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
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