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Sorry man you forgot the four in the rampage of boredom hahaha

Man you are BBBBBOOOOOORRREEEEDDD hahaha really bored
`1q2w3er5t6y7u8i9o0p-=\'/;.l,kmjnhbgvfcdxsza oops forgot the 4
by Sir Keys October 11, 2023
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Being bored and or procrastinating by pressing keys up and down.
So let me tell you a story

It was a Christmas day we went out to a mall for the day to have fun we partied it was awesome.
When we came back the door was slightly opened me and my family slowly walked in hearing loudly the floor boards creaking as we kept walking. A fear ran through my mind what if the dog ran away because the door was open i was freaking out my family was scared someone could be in the house right now we walk up stares hearing a bang I screamed at and ran down the stares falling and hitting my head on the wall. The bang was only the dog we calmed down nothing was gone so we must not have shut it all the way.

That was my story have a good rest of your day bye.
1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o9o0p-=\'/;.l,kmjnhbgvfcdxsza is hard to write.
by Sir Keys October 11, 2023
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same as hotel mario also CD-i link it was made for the CD-i system and because of its poor quality it has become a meme in recent years.
cd-i zelda is terrible
by Sir Keys October 12, 2023
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A person of little to no knowledge of anime.
you are a keiyan
you are a KEIYAN
by Sir Keys October 18, 2023
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CD-i link is the birth place of zelda memes like morshu and more made for the TERRIBLE CD-i system that had terrible games on it like hotel mario and CD-i link more known as CD-i zelda.
It sure is boring around here-CD-i Link.
CD-i link is the best zelda game ever
by Sir Keys October 12, 2023
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on a mission drove by boredom to find a key board word that has not been defined but no you are here sorry

WHY ARE YOU HERE that reason or another have a nice day find something to cure your boredom.
\'=-p;/.lo09ik,mju87yhnbgt65rfvcde43wsxzaq1` IS RIGHT HERE
by Sir Keys October 12, 2023
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