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When someone starts following you around on social media by friending the people that you are already friends with whom don't know about the disagreement with you and the other person. A good example of this is in the case of Donald Trump TWEETING that Barack Obama had 'wiretapped' him during the election.

By "wiretapping" - Trump was using an 'expression' that literally meant:

"he was into my business" or "he was reading my posts"

A good example would be if Trump were friends with Sheryl Crow on Facebook and then later Obama hits up Sheryl Crow with a friend request which she accepts and then Trump makes a comment on Sheryl's feed like,

"Hey, I heard that Lance lost his testicle. I'm sorry to hear that. I guess that he wasn't covered under Obamacare..."

Which Trump thinks is 'somewhat' of a 'private conversation' because Sheryl Crow's posts aren't usually public, but what he doesn't know is that Obama friended her once he found out that Trump and Crow had been 'sharing statuses' and so Obama is categorically "wiretapping".

That's a 'basic' explanation of what Trump meant when he said, "I just found out Obama was wiretapping me."
you better watch out nigg*r that fat bitch started wiretapping me once I stopped calling her back
by Sir H.C. Notneb March 16, 2017

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douche rod is a guy who is useful for one thing which is using his cock to siphon out the smell of a girl who has a nasty smelling pussy.
"that chick's pussy smelled so bad that I wanted to give her the number of a douche rod I know"
by Sir H.C. Notneb November 15, 2016

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