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A perfectly gorgeous, yet underendowed woman. (Derived probably from Keats\'s poem, Belle Dame Sans Merci.)
Penelope was a classic belle dame sans tetons: a face like an angel turned model, but with an amazingly unremarkable figure.
by Sinner Bob April 26, 2005
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The name given to North Carolina by William Byrd II in "History of the Dividing Line." In a famous passage from that work, he described North Carolinians as being extremely lazy (see below).
"Surely there is no place in the World where the Inhabitants live with less Labour than in N Carolina. It approaches nearer to the Description of Lubberland than any other, by the great felicity of the Climate, the easiness of raising Provisions, and the Slothfulness of the People.

Indian Corn is of so great increase, that a little Pains will Subsist a very large Family with Bread, and then they may have meat without any pains at all, by the Help of the Low Grounds, and the great Variety of Mast that grows on the High-land. The Men, for their Parts, just like the Indians, impose all the Work upon the poor Women. They make their Wives rise out of their Beds early in the Morning, at the same time that they lye and Snore, till the Sun has run one third of his course, and disperst all the unwholesome Damps. Then, after Stretching and Yawning for half an Hour, they light their Pipes, and, under the Protection of a cloud of Sinoak, venture out into the open Air; tho’, if it happens to be never so little cold, they quickly return Shivering into the Chimney corner. When the weather is mild, they stand leaning with both their arms upon the corn-field fence, and gravely consider whether they had best go and take a Small Heat at the Hough: but generally find reasons to put it off till another time.

Thus they loiter away their Lives, like Solomon’s Sluggard, with their Arms across, and at the Winding up of the Year Scarcely have Bread to Eat.

To speak the Truth, tis a thorough Aversion to Labor that makes People file off to N Carolina, where Plenty and a Warm Sun confirm them in their Disposition to Laziness for their whole Lives."
-- William Byrd II
by Sinner Bob January 25, 2006
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This is a lady from the North who come to Carolina with the intent of providing homilies and mercy sex to the native guys.
"If I can't hook up with a Sistah, I sure can find a Yankee sex tourist and work that Ole Black Magic on them. But mostly they just lie there."
by Sinner Bob January 25, 2006
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The five stages in a successful relationship with a woman. They are: Find her. Feed her. Feel her. Fuck her. And forget her.
Marmaduke met Chloe. This was a standard five f's scenario.
by Sinner Bob July 31, 2006
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Abbreviation for Just Like Dad. Used in reference to some apparently heredity-based characteristic.
The jaw of Carlos II of Spain was JLD: typical Hapsburg feature.
by Sinner Bob April 13, 2006
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