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Actor, male or female, esp. of the stage variety (as opposed to TV etc.).
"How was the post-show party?"
"As you'd expect, full of luvvies."
by Silverfin August 21, 2006

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(Male) member of a symphony orchestra, so called because of their black and white garb and tendency to be seen in large groups close together.
Some also make distinctive honking noises.
No.5 dressing room is for luvvies, No.6 is for penguins.
by Silverfin August 21, 2006

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A term for cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder causing a buring sensation and painful urination. May be caused by vigorous and/or frequent sex. Or not knowing how to wipe your arse properly.
"Why are you looking so unhappy?"
"I have fire down below."
by Silverfin September 17, 2006

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