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It's sorta like, being jealous to someone else. A violations to the ten commandments if you belive in it like myself.
Homer Simpson covets just about all the cool stuff Flanders Has that he doesn't.
by Siliva2 July 27, 2006
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One of the most hated on systems of our time. I for one approve of both PSP and DS (why cant every1 else?) They both have nice features as well.
DS- Online gaming, Online Browsing coming soon
PSP- Online browsing
DS- Touch screen
PSP- uh.......
DS- SOme media thingy coming soon
PSP- Stores movies, music, and pics.
DS- $100-$150
PSP- $200 something
See? There are the crappy little differecnes people fight over that pull us apart, but if we see all the similarites.

Oh yeah, I'm a DS owner just cause all my friends have them, plus im a Nintendo-faithul kinda guy.
The Nintendo DS is funner and more cost effective, while the PSP is costlier with better graphics
by Siliva2 August 1, 2006
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Possibly one of the greatest Gaming co. of all time. Kicks Sony and Xbox's butts. They're the only PURE gaming company. (Sega was too, but they dont make systems anymore.)So many haters say Nintendo is a company for kids, but im 13 (not a good example) and still play Pokemon(occasionally), Mario (Can't stop playing) , and as a matter of fact, I refuse to Play an XBox, and use my bro's PS2 for a DVD player! They lead the Gaming industry in innovations.
PS2 guy- Our new Game system has internet acess, Online gameplay, and not to mention the MOST games produced!

XBox guy- We suck, we all know it.

Nintendo- We have all that PS2 crap too, but our games are a heck of alot better.
by Siliva2 July 27, 2006
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