96 definition by Sid Barrett

1. (noun) A discount on a purchase given typically to a very attractive person even when they don't work there.

2. (noun) A discount given to employees just to keep the money there and not have it go to competitors.
1. Cashier: "What do you think? 15% or 20%?"
Friend: "I'd say 20%."

2. Cashier: "You work over there and you're not using your employee discount from them?"
-Competition worker: "No, even with the discount it's still cheaper here."
by Sid Barrett August 24, 2008

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Cramberry juice is any energy drink or a beverage loaded with caffeine and/or sugar that you drink while studying (or more appropriately, cramming) for a big test or exam.
Jimi: Hey Joe, get me some cramberry juice.
Joe: Dude, that's 10 Red Bulls tonight!
by Sid Barrett June 10, 2008

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The clique's picks are people who are chosen to run for an office (the picks) by members of an inner circle (the clique) typically in a school setting. These candidates often have no actual accredidation and simply win by means of a popularity contest.
The elections for class officers drew many qualified contenders but once the clique's picks joined the race an election wasn't needed.
by Sid Barrett May 15, 2008

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Zealy is slang term used to describe a citizen of New Zealand. The term is most often used in Australia but it is occasionally used in other English-speaking countries.
G'damn, that Zealy cut me off!
by Sid Barrett January 21, 2008

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Central Connecitcut State University, also known as Central or CCSU, is a mid-sized state-run university with its main campus located in New Britain CT.

CCSU is a general university with no particular stengths academically but it has received recognition as a Leadership Institution by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. Along with CCSU other institutions to receive this accredidation include Worcester Polytechnic Institute (aka WPI) and Duke University among others.

CCSU has all Division-I sports teams in sports that have a team in the NCAA. In 2002 CCSU's Men's basketball team won the Northeast Conference title and received a bid to play in the Big Dance where they lost to Pittsburg.
Family friend: So where are you applying to college?
High School senior: I'll apply to at least Central Connecticut State University, they're close to home and it doesn't cost as much as other schools.
by Sid Barrett April 07, 2008

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The Magical Wood Fairy is an ellusive creature that gives guys wood. Whenever there is a distressed princess in need of wood the Magical Wood Fairy gives the guy wood to give to the girl.
I've been struck by Cupid- wait, make that the Magical Wood Fairy.
by Sid Barrett March 21, 2008

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<$) is an emoticon to show that the subject is in a partying mood. The $ symbol comes from funky glasses that people typically wear on New Year's Eve.
Girlfriend's IM: Hey wanna go to the party tonight?
Boyfriend's reply: <$)
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008

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