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90s gang affiliated rappers called themselves "Original Gangsters" or "OG" for short. It's a title for real, actual crime and gang affiliated gangsters. While a lot of black young men in the 90s called themselves gangsters a lot of them didn't commit any crime of even was a part of a gang. The term Original Gangster is less common today, mostly because the limitations of lyrics today, but Original Gangsters are still a thing.
Wannabe: Ayyyyy Imma shoot yo ass
Original Gangster: Shut the fuck up
by ShoshAhSheli October 9, 2017
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Something you say after talking shit on a woman to clarify you'd still bang her after everything you say. Usually said on celebs or an acquaintance.
Guy: Kim K is such an arrogant bitch, she's 90% plastic! That being said, I'd tap that.

Example 2:
Guy: Matt's girlfriend Amy is such a slut, I'm certain she's cheating on him. That being said, I'd tap that.
by ShoshAhSheli August 15, 2017
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Short for premium. Used in the same way as the word "good".
Person A: Got a preem phone I'm selling, you interested?
Person B: How much?
Person A: 50$
Person B: Preem price!
by ShoshAhSheli December 29, 2021
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When your friend says something kinda gay, although not on purpose.
Person 1: I'm so hungry, I would eat a horse dick right now.
Person 2: You sure man? That's pretty gay.
by ShoshAhSheli December 30, 2017
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A direct replacement of the term "based" after the community on 4chan related discord servers was tired of minorities and normies using the word "based", and after finding out the word was originally coined by a black man. Means exactly the same as "based". The opposite of "Keyed" is "Locked"
Person A: I was playing some ps1 the other day
Loser: keyed
Person A: Shut the fuck up
by ShoshAhSheli January 5, 2021
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Gonk: Hey man, I personally think Arasaka taking over Pacifica is a good idea and will bring progress to NC and lower crime rates?
Guy with brain: Man, you're a gonk.
by ShoshAhSheli December 29, 2021
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