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(i) Making a stroke without recoil; deadbeat.
(ii) Dead Stroke is characterized by several different occurrences within your mind and your surroundings. You feel as though you can beat anyone. You feel as though you are capable of doing anything at the table, engrossed in your task and oblivious to your surroundings. The cue IS an extension of your arm and you perform flawlessly as you maintain complete control over your emotions and your actions. Throughout your performance, you maintain high self-confidence, strong focus on the task at hand, a fearless attitude, and self composure. Quite simply, your mind and body are working in complete harmony to create the phenomenon of "Dead Stroke". (By David Sapolis)

As a pool player myself, definition (ii) is more widely used for me, simply put, you dont feel like you can miss, you feel like you can pot anything, and you do!

<Shinosuke> I was playing so well yesterday, I think I was in a dead-stroke.
<Person1> wtf is a dead-stroke?
<Shinosuke> like, a 1337 pool player man!
<Person1> a 1337 pool player == dead-stroke?!
<Shinosuke NO! You dumbass, go find out in, or google it!
by Shinosuke October 11, 2004
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