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The new kthx. Only hackers use it
Hey chee sob on my knob kanx~
Your CAL o team blows kanx~
Get on my level ho kanx~
Talk to me when you get out of CAL im kanx~
KanxAlanx Nugga
by Saix November 28, 2004
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kanx orginates from ancient hebrew. it means "you suck ass gg stfu"
chee pwn3d u,,,,, KANX NIGNOG
by [EZ5]-chee-SckaH November 28, 2004
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Ancient word originating from the deepest depths of the darkest ghettos. The term "KANX" refers to the expression, "Okay(?), thank you.", often used at the end of a sentance.

It has been passed down from generation to generation through only a select sect of chosen Indians and other South-Western Asians.

Suffixes include:
"Get five, KANX?"
"We're legit, KANX!"
"Fetch my spitoon woman, KANX!"
by SHIFTY December 03, 2004
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fozzy > ez5 ever after retirement KANX.
by fozzy September 15, 2005
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