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see also melvin. a man wearing pants so tight his genetalia are outlined to the naked eye looking much like the toe of a camel.
Thoughout most of the discography of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has male camel toe
by Sherpa February 6, 2005
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The most beautiful, amazing, nicest girl you’ll ever meet! She has a kind heart and an absolute dumb truck. God damn it’s bigggg. Keep a Caitlin close to your heart because once she’s gone, you ain’t getting her back. She’s so loyal, caring and especially cute! She appreciates her friends and family so much she’s a keeper!!
Omg look it’s caitlin! She’s so cool
by Sherpa January 28, 2021
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See also grit - The offspring of a grit or of progenitors of grits or rednecks. Also referred to as gritterlings. Typically denoted by a mullet and tail in the hair and a dirty epidermus.
We were canoeing down the river when we happened upon a gaggle of gritlins pretending to shoot real guns at us.
by Sherpa February 6, 2005
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The most sexiest, compassionate, luxurious beast to ever exist. He is the true Romanian prince of the gods. Keep an Andrei close to your heart he is incredible. Such a luxurious lover. Gives you kisses during the night and fondles your toes. Andrei is a keeper, never let him down.
by Sherpa January 28, 2021
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