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Acronym that represents the five parts that make up the worries and obsessions of the brain when someone is bothered by something or worring about something causing the brain and mental health harm.

Anxiety - the most known and dealt with part, cripples the brain and causes physical symptoms. This is also the biggest part.
Paranoia - The part of worrying that something has happened or will happen
Stress - Worrying about doing something or a duty

Fear - to be scared of somone or something

Nervousness - Less severe version of paranoia or anxiety
Depressed teenager: "Today was the worst day ever o experienced all of APSFN today and it caused be the throw up because my brain was so overwhelmed."
by Sheepking88 November 08, 2020
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When a teen (usually in grades 7 -12) feels and experiences an extreme rush of anxiety, panic, and nervousness during the time before going to school (Around 6-7 AM). This is usually caused from stress of something that occurs or will occur at school.
9th Grader 1: "I didn't go to school today because I had Before School Panic Anxiety"
9th Grader 2: "Aww man I am sorry I hope you feel better"
by Sheepking88 August 29, 2020
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A magical place that Lady Gaga sings of where there's dancing, drinking, partying, singing, lights, music, and falling in love. Everyone has such a good time here that its just like heaven.
Lady Gaga: "Oh the lights dim while we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven"
by Sheepking88 August 30, 2020
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