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A guy that mutters under his breath from around 3 metres away. He thinks that he is funny, but by the fact hes the only one laughing at his jokes, he's not. He attempts to insult people with no reason and if confronted will proceed to run away like a pussy. He likes leaning on the wall at the back of the class, giving you a death stare and making strange hand signals that is probably some sort of death threat. He is the type of person to make stupid faces as an attempt to resemble you but only makes him look like hes having a spaz attack.
WOW Its shae willis again why does he always start sprinting away when you get anywhere near him.
There have also been reports of him butterflying an unknown individual.
by ShazzaDoYouLoveMeChuckUsAVB November 21, 2018
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a violent alcoholic. also laughs at anything slightly funny as a result to her alcohol addiction. she also loves to go to the bakery before school causing her to be consistently late to class
look at lucinda moran arriving at class ten minutes late, i bet she was to busy at the bakery buying all the pies
by ShazzaDoYouLoveMeChuckUsAVB November 21, 2018
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a person that wants to say something but is to insecure to say it out loud.
as this guy shae mutters under his breath we try to decipher what he is saying.
by ShazzaDoYouLoveMeChuckUsAVB November 21, 2018
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