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1. One who practices witchcraft (not neccasarily connected with Wicca).

It is also used to describe those who follow the Wiccan religion, and, in some instances, those who practice any type of magick (Goetic, Herbal, Enochian, etc).

2. A bitter or hateful women. Used in a deragatory sense. A hag, if you will.

3. A less insulting (if there is such a thing) form of call someone a bitch.
Salem, Massachusetts and many other places held several trials for those who were seen as "evil witches." As a result, many innocent people were killed.
by Shay'oul June 06, 2004
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1. A system of magick that is not necessarily related to the Wiccan Religion.

2. The practice of Witches; often refered to as the craft.
She sought out to learn witchcraft but maintain her current views of the world.
by Shay'oul December 19, 2003
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