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The act of taking an extremely gratifying dump often resulting in extensive odor, grotesque size, and/or substantial clean up to oneself or facility.
Johnny Shatt, grimacing comically at his two friends at Bob's Big Boy, knew he pushed the limits having eaten 2 burgers, both friends' french fries, and a chocolate shake. Now, it was time to leave his final farewell to the restaurant...TAKING A MEAN SHIT! This final act would be the highlight to a beautiful evening with the lads.
by ShawShankPrison February 18, 2023
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An American saying of complete disgust and anger toward a particularly dumbass situation, often accompanied by throwing of hands in the air and/or a wagging of the head side to side.
Johnny Shatt had a particularly quiet night eating cheesy nachos, a large fry, and a chocolate shake with his close friends from art college. His friends thought the night rather uneventful, quiet and uncharacteristically tranquil. Until...Johnny S. thought he could squeeze off a little pressure from inside his baggy white, PGA khaki shorts. Suddenly, the silence was interrupted by a strange pop, pop, pop and one hell of raw sewage shhhhhtink! The only reply by his immediate neighbor, Jacky Sniff with hands held toward the heavens cried woefully: "It never ceases to fuckin' amaze me!" With that, the lads left Johnny at the table, stewing in his now wet (but warm) shhhhtinky-ass shorts in all small town outside Losssss Angeleeeeezzz.
by ShawShankPrison February 22, 2023
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(Noun,Plural) Defecation left by any mammalian creature, typically a canine, on a neighborhood lawn. Said droppings then become a gratifying snack to any unsupervised animal on the prowl for a freebie.
Johnny Shatt, unprepared as usual, allowed his Labrador to take a mean shit on the apartment lawn. Five minutes later, the neighborhood stray Chihuahua made a meal of said lawn biscuits. Yummy.
by ShawShankPrison February 18, 2023
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The act of blowing out matter from one's rectum onto the walls of the porcelain bowl. Butt Spackle, as a consequence, if a tough clean up. Multiple flushings fails to dislodge said material.
Johnny Shatt, a legend in the Greater Lossss Angeleeeeez area for his restroom antics, Butt Spackled the bowl with partially metabolized butt paste! The said poo reminded him of the fine paintings of post modern art masters of the past. Proudly, Johnny Shatt took not too few a picture with his crusty, but functioning Motorola.
by ShawShankPrison February 18, 2023
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The act of disservice to a community by destroying the commode through a major shit eruption. Said shit storm is a janitorial nightmare, resulting in "out of order" signage.
Johnny Shatt, sensing a tummy rumble, knew it was time to release the dragon. Sitting on the porcelain commode, he grabbed his heals, held his breath, and with all his might bore down! The resulting shit geyser spackled the walls, the toilet seat, but oddly left Johnny's Polo shirt, khaki shorts, and penny loafers unscathed;nevertheless, the damage was done! Johnny Shatt was becoming a scourge to local businessess, but in some circles...a legend..for Johnny S. was on a streak, "decommissioning the shitter(s)" of not too many a fine business in Greater Los Angeles (Losssz Angeleeez, emphasis added) area.
by ShawShankPrison February 18, 2023
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