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MLG stands for major league gaming. This is pretty cool. An MLG Pro, however, is someone who blows off playing Xbox Live with their real friends to play with other MLG Pros, who are all in the MLG, but they have no idea who they are in real life. They also take games way to seriously, and sap the fun out of playing with them. According to MLG Pros, "video games are not for fun. They are serious business". One way to counter an MLG Pro is to simply leave the game, or do stupid things to screw it up.
When I was playing Gears Of War 2 with my friend, who is an MLG Pro, he got mad when I said I had to go eat dinner and that I might do something else or play a different game afterwards. Then, when I decided to play with him again, he said no because he was playing with his other MLG Pro "friends".
by Shaolin Masta February 11, 2009

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The internet slang word for the word "guys". Used in chat rooms around the interwebs, especially 4chan
Hay Guise where u at?
by Shaolin Masta January 31, 2009

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Something you yell loudly before doing something epic. Works especially well in sports or video games, because in sports it helps you run faster. You have to say LETS DO THIS as you're going for it, and then say LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS as you're doing it.

*Note, in all of these examples below, yellingLETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS resulted in epic laughter from everyone in the vicinity.

Leroy Jenkins Situations:

1. Yesterday in PE volleyball, I jumped to spike the ball. As I jumped, I yelled, LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS!

2. During a 100 meter dash, at the very end, I yelled, LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS! And I won.

3. During lacrosse, as I sprinted towards the enemy goalie and jumped in the air to shoot, I yelled LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS.

4. When I was playing Halo 3 multiplayer, I ran in to a room with guys that had a sword, rocket launcher, and brute shot, and I yelled LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS and no scoped them all with a sniper rifle.

by Shaolin Masta February 26, 2009

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An expression of teamwork, used when there are two people on a team, in any kind of event, against two or more people. Comes from the Xbox 360 game Army Of Two, where there are certain "Back To Back" sequences. During these sequences, the two characters go back to back and start shooting, in order to easily dispatch their enemies, who are usually terrorists. When this happens, sometimes one of the characters, Tyson Rios, shouts "Back To Back, Salem!", Salem being the last name of the other character. This term can be used anytime to imply teamwork.
During a paintball match, everyone except me and Payden were out. I heard him shout "Back To Back, Salem!", and we met up and continued to win the game against 4 other opponents.
by Shaolin Masta January 30, 2009

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To walk directly in front of or around a person when they are talking to someone or to a group of people, with a subtle demeanor, head down, totally distracting everyone involved. Based on the presidential debates of 2008, during which Senator McCain did this several times to now President Obama.
When Julian was talking to his parents about going to the party, I walked in and Pulled a McCain.
by Shaolin Masta January 30, 2009

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When you're at your house, and some people come to fuck you up, and you fight back. During this time, most people shout "Say hello to my little friend!" And start shooting at their oppressors with an M16 assault rifle that has an under barrel grenade launcher attached to it. The normal result of this action is being shot repeatedly, and continuing to fall in a pool. At least you took some of those rat bastards with you.
Joe: I heard they called a hit out on Tony last week.

Paulie: Yea, they did. But I hear that he pulled a Tony Montana.

Joe: no shit?
by Shaolin Masta January 31, 2009

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When the night before, you have an assignment you didn't finish for school, and the news says that it is going to snow that night. You don't believe them, but then next morning you look out that window and everything is covered in white.
Last night I didn't do my physics homework, and was hoping for an Epic Snow Day. I got it.
by shaolin Masta February 26, 2009

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