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A gorgeous, sweet girl who falls in love too quick. She has great hair and pretty, dark eyes. She may be shy, uncertain, and nervous around people she admires.
Wow! That girl is such a Payden!
by suchabeauty August 24, 2011
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The funniest kid you will ever meet! is obsessed with poop.
kid 1: hey whats up?
payden: oh nothing just thinking about all the different kinds of poop
by fo shizzzz January 25, 2011
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A virgo with virgo characteractics. He's witty, charming and handsome. Will have the eye of alot of woman, but will only have an eye for few rare, interesting woman in his life; if this be you, kudos Liked by all his peers, students, coworkers, etc.. Nevertheless, very popular He's very smart, loving and caring. He ginuinely has a good heart, when upset can explosode, yet can be very sensitive when it comes to anything he takes pride in. He loves his mom and is definitely a family man. He succeedsin everything that he achieves and more. Second greatest ever, his mom is the first.
Now y'all ladies better go get yourself a payden right there!

Omg look there's payden, he's so cool!

Payden is so sweet, he doubled me on his handlebars on our way back to school
I heard that payden's mom is the greatest, ever.
by Greatestever001 February 20, 2017
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