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sexy language spoken in spain and latin america
"pusieron"(gwan just say it) means "they put" in spanish ha ha
by Settit June 24, 2006

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wicked singer with sultry kick ass vocals. was in a good band called "the fugees"
check one of my favourite songs "lauryn hill-just like water"
by Settit June 24, 2006

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person from eritrea-not to be mistaken with ethiopian (neighbouring countries-both in africa)
"she was eritrean bruv"
by Settit June 24, 2006

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In the video of Dani California they imitate loads of rock bands from different eras. This song does sound pretty similar to Mary janes last dance but thats cuz they had the same producer (rick rubin). Anyway Dani California is sped up and the first 8 bars of both songs sound similar, the chords are not exactly the same, with "Mary Jane's Last Dance" being "Am, G, D, Am" and "Dani California" being "Am, G, Dm, Am". But yeah that is pretty similar.
Dani California is about "every woman Anthony Kiedis has ever dated. The song talks about the hard life and demise of this character "Dani."
by Settit August 19, 2006

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also known as "pecs" on a guy (most probably wearing a wifebeater) with rippling muscles
hott guy with muscles enters the room]
settit: "hey rachelle-pectorials up in here!!"
rachelle: damn !!
by Settit June 24, 2006

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Double album from the red hot chili peppers. The sounds of this album is funk and mellow. John Frusciante has great guitar solos too !!
They're releasing 7 songs from the album (some later on this year and next year):
Dani california
Tell me baby
Storm in a teacup
Snow ((hey oh))
Stadium Arcadium

and the last 2 could either be desecration smile/ make you feel better or charlie
My faves off Stadium Arcadium are: Dani California, Snow ((hey oh)), make you feel better, charlie, she's only 18, warlocks.
by Settit August 19, 2006

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the best alternative rock band to ever grace the charts!! they consist of 4 members: anthony kiedis/ chad smith (drummer)/ john frusciante (guitarist) and flea (bassist). anthony is a great vocalist, flea is seen as one of the best bassists in the world and john is an amazing guitarist (released 8 albums) and chad has appeared in over 100 albums...as u can see theyre all great at what they do!! such hotties...if i were 20 years older...
they have 9 albums released:
red hot chili peppers
freaky styley
the uplift mofo party plan
mothers milk
blood sugar sex magik
one hot minute
by the way
stadium arcadium.

plus greatest hits and "out in L.A." and "What hits!?" (unofficial compilation albums...)
by Settit August 19, 2006

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