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"I don't hate the people, just the government" is something people say when they want to make prejudiced, often racist, comments about a country and its people based on zero evidence. For some reason that cannot yet be explained, the people who use this line almost always say stuff that would cause others to think they hate the people.
I don't hate the people, just the government. That's why we need to ban the Chinese from coming to our country until they become civi... I mean democratic. We'll call it the Chinese Ex... Anti-Communist Act.
by SeoyeonlovesDan December 21, 2020
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A China Watcher is someone who portrays themself as an authority on Chinese politics. China Watchers almost always identify as "Western," but in reality they are just white or boba liberal. Common activities of a China Watcher include making hypocritical orientalist statements about China or Chinese people, writing articles based on Google translated Chinese sources, or making stuff up when there are no sources at all. A feature of China Watchers is that the more prolific they are, the less meaningful academic or real life experience on China or Chinese subjects they have. As a result, despite their claimed expertise, many China Watchers cannot speak or read Chinese, have never worked in China, lived in China, been to China, or even read a peer-reviewed article on Chinese history or politics in their own native language. Unfortunately China Watchers view their lack of experience with pride, so there is no hope of correcting their defects, which is probably why all their opinions on China are complete nonsense.
This virus is God's punishment on China, which shall bring back manufacturing to America, and cast a blight on these heathen communists so great that all shall convert to democracy, proving the superiority of Western society.

- some China Watcher back in January, 2020
by SeoyeonlovesDan December 25, 2020
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A boba liberal is usually an upper middle class East or Southeast Asian living in the West, typically in the United State or Canada, who identifies as a liberal. However their association with liberal ideology and liberalism is simply a means to increase their proximity to whiteness or to pretend to be white themselves. Boba liberals use their Asianness to speak on behalf of the Asian population in the West, using talking points created by white liberals, which has a tendency to gaslight actual issues faced by the Asian diaspora. The Asian identity of boba liberals is very shallow since it goes directly against their goal of aspiring to whiteness, so they use surface level stereotypical Asian traits such as "liking boba tea" to boaster their Asian credentials. Liking boba tea does not require much personal investment since many people like boba tea and is a fairly harmless non-opinion to take unlike, for example, "the United States should not interfere in China's domestic affairs," or "Asians suffer from systemic bipartisan conservative as well as liberal racism."
Mainstream Asian Liberalism is like boba tea, all sugar, no substance, hence "boba liberalism."
by SeoyeonlovesDan December 8, 2019
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