3 definitions by Segun A.

To demand fellatio from your subordinates (esp during encounters in the men's room).
Lorenzo keeps demanding my respect whenever I see him in the lavatory. He'll get no respect out of me!
by Segun A. June 2, 2005
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A game which involves a group of men who masturbate fervently like Spider Monkeys until they ejaculate all over the wall. The winner is the first person to unload while the last has to lick up all the mess.
by Segun A. May 12, 2005
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A solo version of a faboozy; when one holds a large condom against their own anus to catch the outgoing shit and then forces it back into their rectum.
My room-mates are out of town so I will have to resort to a nice, relaxing Self Faboozy.
by Segun A. May 16, 2005
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