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An insecure asshole who does not have the balls to open a conversation with a woman, but will not hesitate to butt into any interaction already in progress. They will then proceed in destroying any chance of a hook-up. Most times, what they refer to as "their game" is so poor that not only do they fuck up YOUR prospects they end up scaring away the "prey" to another table or "Lance Goodthrust" at the other end of the bar. They are the most effective birth control device known to mankind. Stay away from these people or become a monk where you'll have just as much opportunity for getting some pussy.
You're talking to a hottie that you've managed to cut away from her heard. You're just about to "close the deal" with a number or invite to a more secluded place ie. your car, when "CB" shows up and hangs over you both like a plague from God or bad breath or herpes. The conversation, which had been flowing with magical bullshit, becomes strained and uncomfortable. She mentions that "it's getting late" as she eyes the safety of the heard. Her departure is followed by, "She was a bitch anyway!" from the asshole who's just ruined it for you. You supress the urge to punch him in the liver, move to another part of the bar where you start again in the hopes that he cannot find you. For surely he is the Devil.
by Sebastien June 07, 2005

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one who excells in the art of courtship

one who picks-up that most at a social event
"is that John Travolta from Grease or the Fons??" "Close - it's a social stallion"
by SEBASTIEN November 27, 2003

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un enfant née avec seulement une testicule
il a seulement une couille, mais elle est grosse comme 2
by sebastien December 08, 2003

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