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a town/suburb which is located 19 miles south east of melbourne, australia. it has one of the largest population of any melbourne suburb and has high concentrations of people who are of arab and greek background. aslo alot of asians to the west in springvale, and a fast growing african population. Dandy has alot of commision houses.
cause of the towns high of migrant population and low industry in the area, it has resulted to be the poorest part of melbourne. the only good thing abt the area is dandenong plaza.
oh and watch out! alot of gangs and drugs are around so be careful!!!
Dandenong, an almost independant city full of eurotrash, blacks n asians. watch out for the drugs.
im so lucky living in Dandenong NOrth
by Seb_stan October 28, 2006

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the slang that divides Southern California apart linguistically wise.
Used by San Diego natives who are more laidback then their northern LA megalopolis counterpart.

A funny yet more innocent way of saying in agreeing with something.
-SD native, "hey did you see Monster Jam at Qualcomm the other day?"

-me, "hell yeah!"
by Seb_stan October 07, 2007

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most commonly refered to Japanese women who try and act "Black", but most people dont know what gunguro's try and act like, since they have extreme orange tans and bleached blonde hair
gunguro gals look more like american west coast girls, then black people
by Seb_stan October 27, 2006

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An octopus soir is the state when a woman's vagina has tentacles coming out of it.
Also the term can be used for the sign when a teenage girl gets their period.

soir = "evening" in French
uh ohh it seems to me that Tarli is pissed again...

dont worry man shes just going through another octopus soir.

yes you go have another period when the french blow your head off

AHH that chick has an octopus soir!!

i heard there's much octopus soir in anime
by Seb_stan November 05, 2007

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