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Monster Jam is motorsport event tour through the United States. Although events may vary, the general attraction is the racing and freestyle competitions by monster trucks hence the name, Monster Jam. Similar to Nascar, Monster Jam is very popular among rednecks and pre-pubescent boys.
Bobby Joe' s girl may think his beat up old Chevy and fisherman's tan sure are sexy and listening to Florida Georgia line is just the coolest, but they ain't nothing gets her hotter than an authentic redneck party like the Monster Jam.
by Eaton Holgoode March 13, 2015
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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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In the classic and grounbreaking video game NBA Jam, it was the name of a spectacular slam dunk performed when "on fire." In certain situations it would shatter the backboard.
MONSTER JAM!!!! He's on fire!!!!
by Schlichting October 01, 2005
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n. An incredibly large bowl movement. Really just unbelievably big.

v. The act of expelling same.
by Turd Fergusonne January 18, 2009
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Monster Jam is a way of life. Everyone involved has to have drank at least 10 Monster energy drinks. Then at LEAST 10 dudes smash at LEAST 10 erect penises into ONE woman's anus while all simultaneously yelling MONSTERRR JAAAAMMMMMMMM
Monster Jam means this.

Dirty Mike and The Boys decided to get a couple of cases of Monster and bring their friend Marnie over with the intention of smashing her with many many cocks. She came over, monster was consumed, and Monsters were jammed roughly into a single hole.

"That was a solid Monster Jam the other weekend, wasn't it Marnie?"

"Yeah my anus still hasn't stopped bleeding..."

by Monster Jammer May 26, 2019
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to brutally rape and power-slam a hot babe through her pussy until she bleeds and screams and is rubbed raw, with an enormous cock
Man, Weaver, I really love to monster jam sue
by The Beast April 25, 2005
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(Juan-Carlos rips a massívo rip, holds it for like, six seconds, lets out a big huge cloud of smoke)

Ramon- holy frijoles, Juan-Carlos ! that was quite the monster jam ! only now there's none for me, you greedy fuck !
by JrBcnChz June 10, 2010
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