2 definitions by Sean F.

The act of rubbing your hand on your testicles and then wiping your ball sweat under someones nose. Mostly used between friends and for payback purposes.
Hey, that guy just tried to pants me in front of the class,
so I duganed him when he least expected it.
by Sean F. May 24, 2006
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A practical joke involving the rude awakening of a person from a sleep by way of screaming "FIRE!FIRE" You will also need 1 person to situate his ass slightly above the victims face before waking him with the alarm. When the victim sits up to get out of bed, his face and nose will slam into the waiting anus of the guy above him.
A true work of art to behold.
Person 1: FIRE!FIRE!
Victim:(sits up into ass){Muffled noise}MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Person 1:HAHAHAHAHAHA!You totally got fire alarmed!
Person 2: What a bitch!
by Sean F. May 25, 2006
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