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Southern slang for a woman's pussy. It refers to the shaking or jiggling of the labia when a woman is having orgasm or achieving rapture. Bert used it in the movie "Gator" when he was having a good old boy talk about his partner's girlfriend.
" Man that was some fine shaky puddin' last night."

"That shaky puddin' spoke volumes to me last night about how she's a feelin' 'bout me.
by SeaPilot June 28, 2009
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This is east coast Jewish slang meaning to "look' or "shop" in a store, business or any place where goods are for sale without buying.

"Shmyer" also can imply being a "bottom feeder" or one that is always looking for sale items and is not hampered by any guilt to ask to purchased an item for below bargain or advertised prices.
"Hello, may I help you?". "No that's OK, I'm just shmying around."

" What did you get at Macy's?" " Nothing I just went in to kill time and shmy."
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
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East coast Jewish term referring to a guy who is a geek jerk dweeb idiot etc. Originating somewhere around New York or New Jersey. Correctly pronounced with a Jewish Bronx's accent.

phonetically pronounced -" sh - men - drick "
"Don't ask that guy. He's a real smendric."

"No smendrics allowed at the party."

" Those smendrics are the turds in a punch bowl."
by SeaPilot June 29, 2009
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English surf speak meaning jerk or asshole.
Eh, bro that was a real yob think to say.

That guy over there is a real yob.
by SeaPilot June 23, 2009
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