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When you conduct an experiment involving a sexual act. Rhymes with experiment.
1: Dude, I'm going over Linda's house.
2: Isn't she your lab partner?
1: Yeah, we're gonna be doing some experiments.
2: Maybe you could talk her into doing some sexperiments.
by Scrubbie October 20, 2007
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When something is crazier than crazy can only be used in very, very extreme circumstances and if used regularly the person should be hit
Person 1: Dude, do you see those two chicks making out in the corner?
Person 2: That's crazy
Person 1: Nah, that's crazylicious
by Scrubbie March 05, 2007
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rolling on the floor laughing while spinning like a helicopter's blades.
Guy 1: Oh my god, is tom having a seizure?
Guy 2: No, he saw you naked and he can't stop roflcoptering.
by Scrubbie October 06, 2008
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A large gap between a woman's breast causing men to stare for the wrong reason.
Dude A: Did you see Wendy's rack? Those are at least C cups.

Dude B: Yeah but she's got a case of major cleav.

Dude A: Hmm, I'd still tap it. It is pretty weird though.
by Scrubbie March 04, 2009
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a high five over xbox live
Player 1: We...just...RAPED...in halo!
Player 2: Live Five?
Player 1: Hell yeah!
::both players make an air five motion::
by Scrubbie March 29, 2009
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Tag for Team Too Nice, the greatest team to hit the world since Jason and the Argonauts.
Normal Human Being: I woke up today and i took a shower.

Member of Team 2NCE: I woke up today and I showered some ladies with my baby batter.
by Scrubbie July 11, 2008
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