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An easy polite way to shut someone up without being Rude. When someone is over talking to you and you just get it you say yayaman. It doesn't matter whether they are finished their sentence or talking to you, You say yayaman. When you are not interested and get the damn point! When you want the story not the book. You say yayaman. When people won't shut up you say yayaman.
Dawn- Jason I just wanted to tell you what a day I had. First I.....
Jason- Yayaman
by Scheller J April 17, 2009

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When your mind is racing one hundred clicks an hour and you can't think of the proper word you call it a whohaa. A word that you are trying so hard to say and it's at the tip of your tongue and you cannot remember the word is called a whohaa. When you are explaining shit and it don't mean shit is a whohaa. Describing a girl that you couldn't give a crap about her name is a whohaa.
-You know what I'm trying to say that fucken whohaa thing that's on your finger.
- I'm in a rush just pass me the whohaa card to go to the beer store
-This whohaa would not lend me a fucken cigarette!
by Scheller J April 17, 2009

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