An easy polite way to shut someone up without being Rude. When someone is over talking to you and you just get it you say yayaman. It doesn't matter whether they are finished their sentence or talking to you, You say yayaman. When you are not interested and get the damn point! When you want the story not the book. You say yayaman. When people won't shut up you say yayaman.
Dawn- Jason I just wanted to tell you what a day I had. First I.....
Jason- Yayaman
by Scheller J April 17, 2009
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A guy that says yayaman all the time to shut people that talk too much up. He usually is a boss of a company and knows everything. Chances are he also drives a big black Dodge truck. Everytime you try and have a conversation with him he cuts you off and says yayaman. A Yayaman acts similar to a Redneck really enjoys sneezing and what comes out of his nose with the sneeze. Has akward quirks and rules like you can't share a blanket in bed with him. A Yayaman usually has a phobia of fags and fat people.
You- Hey baby I want to cuddle tonight and use the...(cut off)
Yayaman- Yayaman move over babe I have to really enjoy this sneeze and get your own fucking blanket dammit!!!!
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009
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