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Sussy (often used in the phrase "Sussy Baka") is an affectionate term for someone who is being suspicious, but it can also be utilized towards heterosexual people committing acts of a homosexual nature, such as a man calling a man "hot".
"Looking really sussy there buddy boy" (in reference to an act which could be perceived as suspicious and/or homosexual in nature)
by Sceptray July 18, 2021
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The name means flower, but everyone says it doesn't exist. Payoja is a massive simp, despite what she will tell you. She loves hanging out with her friends and listening to Zayne on repeat for days without end.
"Hey, is that Payoja?"
"Actually it's pronounced Pajoya"
by Sceptray January 28, 2021
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Will fall for eshays who later grow flowing mullets, acts tough but is secretly a girl who gets embarrassed at compliments and spends too much time talking in class at school. The biggest simp you will ever meet, loves soccer and guys with beautiful eyes.
"Hey is that Atirah?"
"Yeah, still waiting for her to admit soccer is bad."
by Sceptray January 28, 2021
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A hair cut notable for the yee-yeeness of its appearance. The fraise usually occurs in reference to GTAV, where in Lamar ends Franklin's whole career.
"maybe if you got rid of that yee-yee ass haircut you'd finally get some bitches on your dick."
by Sceptray February 2, 2021
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