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n. a) a friend, especially a good friend
b) used to informally address someone
Nice headshot with that sniper rifle buddy boy.
by jwilliamb October 25, 2005
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Buddy boy was used in the 1960 Oscar award winning movie The Apartment starring Jack Lemon to refer to the office lad who's apartment was used by various married office managers to escort their dates to.
Hey, how bout letting me use your place on Friday night, buddy boy?
by Double D Dog July 09, 2016
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a word used in the 50's applying to someone of lower status in gangs and such.
You got that, buddy-boy?
by Anonymous uh der hey January 19, 2007
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Used widely in The Streets of San Francisco tv series in the United states ( 1972-1977) , by Karl Malden's character Lt . Mike Stone when conversing with Michael Douglas's character Inspector Steve Keller .
" Well buddy boy , we're right back to square one ."
by medic3220 January 06, 2017
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