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1:The most beautiful country of the world. The only nation that can claim something in any field:
a:Military- Roman Troops conquered the greatest empire of this planet. And don't tell me they weren't Italian cos from lombardia to calabria had all roman citizenship. And also don't tell me about the embarassing things of modern italy, cos:
-France did the same in both World Wars, sending millions to slaughter in the first and surrending after a few months in the second.
-Britain also suffered great losses when fighting natives with spears in sudan. it conquered its empire with guns against spears. When came the moment to fight against europeans, like in the Boer War, the the british general was killed by a 12 year old boy with a gun. Also, Boudicca had 100.000 against 10.000 and still did lose!
-Germany lost both wars even if in the second controlled half of the world
-USA never fought against proper enemies, they always came late and couldn't even win against Vietnamites.
b:Music-Classical music owes 90% to italy.
c:History-Italy has always been an important nation and the great powers were always ready to spend millions of soldiers to conquer it. Also it was italian renassiance that brought europe out of the Dark Ages
d:Geography-The following nations owe their name to Italy:
e:Science-Da Vinci, Galilei, Dulbecco, Fermi, Hack were or are all italian.
f:Literature-Italian literature is one of the most important. We have poets and writers from any age, thing that any other nation cannot claim.
g:Culture-We have the best food(and pasta was NOT invented by chinese, only spaghetti, and anyway ours are better), cars, fashion and actors. And among the best american actors and directors, there are many with italian origins.
h:People-Italians are friendly, happy, proud, inventive and passionate. But many are also crooks, bastards, cheaters, crazy or all these things put together. Italy is wonderful place but some people do not deserve to be called italians.
This is why i came with a second, much shorter definiton:
2: A heaven inahbited by demons.
When bad people die, they go to hell.
The good ones go to Italy.
by Say it loud: IM ITALIAN AND PROUD! November 17, 2005
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