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A static description of a dynamic process in the form of a stored program used to solve a problem on a machine.
You are writing software to wash your dishes? what is sofware?
by Savage January 21, 2004

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1) A requirement is a subsets of the problem domain. This can be compared to the design which is a subset of the machine and focuses on the solution rather than problem. The union of the two is done through the specification.

1a) Must distinguish preferences, priorities
Figure out the requirements for this new software project.
by Savage January 26, 2004

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Hot ass girl who's down for the cause.
Ock#1: You ready to roll dog.
Kirnan: My name is Kirnan, fuck yeah bitch.
by savage March 06, 2005

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a friend that cracks you up; a nickname for your stupid friend...call your SPECIAL friend this
Lauren, Courtney, Juliann, Maddy, and SARAH are the all time favorite savages.
by Savage July 21, 2004

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a person with a little penis
edgard has a tiny chode
by Savage December 23, 2002

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