1. Young boy taken on a ship to perform menial tasks like cleaning and cooking
2. Often buggered by the professional sailors onboard until they get shore leave
3. A Chris Elliot movie of same name
Captain: Whose turn is it with the cabin boy?

First Mate: Seamus, because it's his birthday!
by persnickety twit October 31, 2004
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a large but feminine voluptous male that is still a virgin and possibly laten homosexual
roger the alien from american dad is such a cabin boy
by DEEPWESTG February 25, 2011
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the cabin boy, the cabin boy, the nasty little nipper; he filled his ass with broken glass and circumsized the skipper.

Seriously, its a boyish looking deck bunny or rudder slut that you take sailing with you, too unattractive to allow naked on the foredeck but useful for cabin duties (cooking,washing up etc) and once she has her clothes off when the sun's almost down you feel you can pity fuck her somehow, some way.Usually has excess snatch hair and a shock of black arse hair out the back. May have hair round her nipples, maybe a slight moustache, but sucks cock very well and is always eager to fuck
Denise is my favourite cabin boy on long cruises
by Jake February 4, 2004
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Under Pirate Rules, the least pleasant person to be. The Cabin Boy must do whatever other pirates tells him to do. The position of Cabin Boy is randomly conferred upon different people by mob consensus.
Pirate 1: Argh! Heartily consume this quart of rum, then go and pick up that large, ugly wench.
Cabin Boy: Yes sir.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
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A drink consisting of Sprite and Rum. Not strong enough to get a pirate drunk, but just right for a cabin boy to not feel left out.
Rum is associated with Pirates, Shirley Temples are associated with Sprite/7-Up and Maraschino Cherries, and Cabin Boys are underage.
by The_Nig April 10, 2010
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To Topdeck whilst wanking yourself off simultaneously.
Person 1. That toilet stinks of shit and the walls are covered in cum.

Person 2. Dude someone just cabin boyed that cubicle.
by Virginblood June 22, 2011
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The baddest motherfucker on the S/V Peerless
Cabin Boy fucked my wife, probably because I am a clown pounder.
by Da Doucher May 2, 2011
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