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When you are participating in an activity and someone complete wipes you out. Death is known to occur if the wipe out is so severe. Sometimes, if caught in the head, you head will completely explode.
The Lads were playing football, and Adams head has been kicked off in a challenge

Jamie: Gee, you completely Momo'd him

James: Yeah, but he tried it on me earlier
by Samyall May 27, 2007

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A blast of zoop energy that destroys everything in its path. The energy blast is so powerful that it can only be used once. The colour of the Hyper Zoop ranges on how powerful you are and how well you have mastered Zoop!
Upon defeating four enemies, Adam comes up against the last boss....

Adam: " Oh my god, I need to use that Hyper Zoop that I saved up "
by Samyall May 05, 2007

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Where you play 'Pro Evoultion Soccer 6' so much that when you play real football it feels like your playing the game. You may even say the button you would press while doing the corresponding move!
Jerd and James were playing football in the park

Jerd: Yes, on your 'ed, James!

James: Yes....use the circle button!

Jerd: Gee James, you have Pro Syndrome
by Samyall May 15, 2007

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