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Due to Gwyneth Paltrow's well documented obsession of anal sex, the 'Gwinny P' refers to the bum hole
Sam: "Hey Lewis, you will never guess what Rhys did with his girl last night?"

Lewis: "Don't tell me she let him put it up her Gwinny P?!?"
by Samlogan117 September 28, 2018

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To pocket jam is the action in which one caresses their genital area using their hand when placed in their pocket.
I was at a bus stop when all of a sudden I had the raging urge to get jiggy so I pocket jammed unbeknownst to those standing near by.
by Samlogan117 November 25, 2015

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Floaping is the action of running over elderly people using a vehicle.
Barbra was taking a while to cross the road. After 3 whole seconds of waiting at a green light I decided that dear old Barbra needed a good floaping.
by Samlogan117 July 10, 2016

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